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Hunt for the Seventh

August 26, 2011

Hunt for the Seventh by Christine Morton-Shaw

Katherine Tegen Books; Reprint edition (October 6, 2009)

*Okay, I have a confession: I finished this book well over a month ago. I was so excited to finish my summer reading and be able to get back to some other books I am reading that I neglected to post. This post is a little shorter because the book is not as fresh in my mind. Sorry guys! I’ll do better with the next book!

Summary: Strange happenings are afoot at Minerva Hall. When Jim’s father takes a job at the grand residence, Jim and his sister Sal accompany him. With vast gardens and hundreds of rooms to explore, their new home would be the perfect place if not for grouchy Lord Louis Minerva III. The owner of the hall has no love for children and does not want to be bothered by curious kids. So much so that he has sent his own son to boarding school.

Jim soon finds out that the children of Minerva hall have met an early demise. Things get stranger when Jim begins having visions of the children’s deaths when he finds memorial statues of each one. He also meets a strange boy who calls himself Einstein, speaks in riddles, and shows up at the strangest times. Is Einstein Lord Minerva’s son, escaped from the boredom of school? Will Jim figure out Einstein’s riddles before another child dies?

The Good: This book is a fun mystery mixed with ghost story. The author gives enough clues to keep the reader going back to the map to figure out where Jim should go next.  It was a fun, light read and I enjoyed solving the mystery.

The Bad: I enjoyed this book, but for me, I struggled with the pacing. I was always several steps ahead of Jim in figuring out the clues. Also, there were some real Scooby-doo moments- you know where the grown up complains about meddling kids ruining his plans.

The Ugly: Unless you are opposed to ghosts, there is really nothing objectionable in this book.

The Awesome: I am a huge fan of hidden object/ puzzle computer games. You know, the ones where you have to search through piles of random junk to find things and then you have to use one of those random objects to solve a puzzle or get to the next level of play. I found this book to be like a literary hidden object game.

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