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I am a sixth grade reading teacher at Pin Oak Middle School in Houston, Texas and I spend a lot of time doing “book reconnaissance” for my students. What will they like? What is appropriate? What books are going to cause me to get e-mails from parents? What books are going to fly off my shelves? The purpose of this blog is to provide information on the good, the bad, the ugly, and the downright awesome of popular young adult books.

The reviews on this site are intended to help guide parents, teachers, and most importantly, students to find great books! The opinions are mine and mine alone. Whether I love a book or hate it, I will try my best to share the positives and the negatives about the book, but I urge you to read the book and form your own opinion. If you love a book too, leave a comment and tell me! If you hate a book, share that too!

Feel free to add your comments about he books that are reviewed here, but just make sure you keep your comments thoughtful, on topic, and appropriate!

Happy Reading!

My Review Format

Summary: What is the book about? This is the best summary I can write without giving away those important surprises. I will do my very best not to use a summary from another source (and if I do, it will be appropriately cited).

The Good: This is what I really liked about the book. It might have to do with my favorite character or the plot or some other aspect of the book.

The Bad: This is what I might not have liked about the book. This is my opinion only! What I dislike might be the exact thing that makes you love the book so don’t think that my bad is going to be bad for you!

The Ugly: I am basically reserving this section for things that might be bothersome about the book or something that might make the book inappropriate for certain audiences. I am reviewing books from the perspective of a 6th grade teacher (because that is what I am). I do not believe in censoring books, but I do think that there are some books which are better for older readers. If there are issues such as sex, drugs, (not rock and roll…because I see nothing bad about rock and roll), illegal or dangerous activity, etc., I may disclose it in this section. That does not mean that certain people should or should not read a book…only that you need to know what you are getting into.

The Awesome: This is what I think makes the book a great read (I’ve got to end on a high note!).

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